We design space as unfolding journey of senses.


Nomad Office Architects

覓 見 建 築 設 計 工 作 室

We design space as unfolding journey of senses.


Nomad Office Architects began as a collaborative platform for design nomads, and has remained true to its nomadic design thinking.We design like a nomad who embarks on a journey to new settlements.We buckle ourselves with the knowledge and value from the pass, inquire into the unique essences of each client and never settle to a predictable design style.Through exploring the sensual dimensions of space, we create something unique to the site and presence.


Selected Works

NOA Eco Terrace House

[a living with the nature]

The house is an intervention of natural landscape, it is a pure space sets within natural spaces. 

NOA Ozone Fitness

[bring fitness back to lifestyle]

Drifting between the dimension of time and space, surreality and reality. 

[blurring boundaries between fine art and daily life]

A transformable space with interplay of light and transparency.

NOA XYXQ Art Gallery
NOA Jouer Atelier

[the playful search for beauty]

This little haven has a way of slowing time, transporting the mind, and delighting the sense.

NOA LH Apartment

[rich and roomy for the senses]

With the in-progress look and feel, one could causally work from home for a day, nesting cozily nearby, or create a stylish home gallery.

[coexistence of temporal and timeless quality]

Attempts to bridge the brand's timeless identities and experience with the emerging Pop-Up retail trend.

NOA Penisula PopUp