Nomad Office Architects is an architectural studio aimed to resolve problems and create unique architectural interest for each client. We begin each design process as a nomad who embarks on a journey to new settlements. We pay caring attention to the requirements and characters of each client, inquire into the meanings and essence of the individual project. Through exploring the ideas generated from the meanings and essence,  we create a genuine solution for each particular project which are unique to the site and presence. Our studio works in the field of architecture, interior design and design of public space and art installation.

The founders Hei Wai Cheung and Larry Tsoi, both graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, have over 13 years of working experiences in various Asia cities. They have worked for international renowned practices including HOK, RLP, Atelier Global and RAD. Their project experience covers shops, apartments, houses, art gallery, sport centre, kindergarten, institutional buildings, office towers, shopping malls as well as large scale mixed use development in both mainland China and Hong Kong. Hei and Larry cofounded their own practice in Hong Kong in 2011.

Justin Law took part and in charge of many key NOA projects, he is a registered architect and exhibitor in Hong Kong. He has multi-disciplinary professional experience from urban planning to architectural design. Justin has been working many years across the Asia Pacific region. As a winner of numerous international and local awards, ranging from architecture to art, Justin also committed in various exhibitions, committees and research across the disciplines. His works were published on multiple media. In 2015 and 2016, Justin has been shortlisted for the HKIA Young Architect Award.

A very special thanks goes to our cofounder and collaborators in contribution to the amazing works along the journey. Philip Kwong, Keith Yee, Carrie Yau, Cara Tsang, Carmen Hui, Eugenia Yiu, Martn Lam, Peggy Wong, Alice Kwan, Alvin Kung, Siritip Harntaweewongsa, Yongbeom Ji, etc.