What We Do







What We Deliver

Goal & need

Analyzing the client's needs and goals.

Integrating findings with knowledge of interior design, economic trends as well as legal and regulatory requirements.

Design formulation

Formulating design concepts that are functional, fiscally appropriate and aesthetically pleasing.

Budget & Schedule

Overseeing the interior design process including project budgeting and schedules.

Drawings production

Preparing working drawings and specifications for interior construction, space planning, materials, finishes, furnishings, fixtures and equipment.

Collaboration & Implementation

Collaborating with other practitioners who offer professional services.

Reviewing and evaluating construction during implementation and coordinating the completion of the project with a consultant team.

 Individual project workflow and responsibilities may vary depending on scope. The exact process will be outlined in the agreement stage following the initial consultation of project needs.

What People Say

Jason Tse

General Manager

The Peninsula Boutique China

Working with Larry and Hei was a breeze. They understood the brief and delivered a draft after one meeting. Despite it being the first time we worked together. With a few minor touches we could proceed with building the pop up store. Which ended up being a gorgeous design that was representative of The Peninsula's brand values.

Meko Zhu


XYXQ Art Gallery

The whole collaboration experience was delightful and reassuring. I truly appreciate their professionalism and fine taste of design.

Anne Cheung


Jouer Atelier

text to be updated

John Chan


Eco Terrace House

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